Winter Wonderland

I have a sickening love affair with Christmas lights.  My child does too.  This is something I could not love more.  I was forever begging my family to pull out the holiday decorations the second we put away the pumpkins and ghosts.  Happily, I was blessed with a child who will be my partner in convincing his daddy that this is a new mid November necessity.  I love turkey but not as much as all things shiny and cheer filled.

Today, we had plans to Christmas shop all day but the 5 inches of snow we got overnight stopped us in our tracks.  Instead, we are watching Christmas movies from the couch in our sweats while a diaper clad boy dances around the tree and finger paints Christmas ornaments.  Side note: I bet this messy work of art is the first gift my mom actually keeps past January 1st.  The snow is still coming down outside and after The Santa Clause we will be bundling up for Rowan's first romp in the snow.  I can't wait.  Pictures to follow.


Renee December 4, 2010 at 6:46 PM  

What a sweet little snowbird!

I'm a Christmas crazy too. I have several tree, lots and lots and lots of lights. Now I just have to get motivated with the decorating.

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