{10 Truths}

1.  This blog started as a way to help our families stay connected to R.  However, it has reminded me how much I enjoy writing.  And, since oh, 3 people read this blog I figure it totally doesn't matter that I stay on topic.

2.   I feel restless in my career.  Should I pursue a master's, a new degree, or just keep doing what I'm doing until I can hopefully stay at home in a few years.

3.   Truth about my house -- it smells like dog way more I'd like.  We have to work really hard to keep it under control.

4.   I never, ever imagined I could love someone as much as I love R.  And even now that I know this kind of love, I can't imagine loving another child as much.  I will.  I know I will.  Love doesn't not have limits, but this kind of love, this insatiable, encompassing love is impossible to imagine outside of the person you feel it for.  It is truly non-transferable.

5.   I rarely watch super popular/ trendy TV shows during their first season.  It's kind of like I'm a super judgy cheerleading captain and need proof that a show is good enough to be renewed before I'll give it my time.

6.   I watch way too much TV.  It is a guilty pleasure only topped by my addiction to the interwebs.

7.   I've always wanted a huge family to which everyone always cattily responded "just wait until you actually have a baby.  You'll change your mind."  Umm, nope, I am even more sure now than ever that we will have as many kids as we can comfortably provide for while still giving them great opportunities.

8.   I have the best husband in the world.  I can't even list all the reasons why but you should be jealous.

9.   I love, love to read.  I try to fit it in whenever I can and read every night.  Most nights though I fall asleep after a paragraph and wouldn't change it for anything, nor am I willing to give anything up to make time to read more.   I am an English teacher.

10.  I miss college desperately, not the stuff everyone misses, like parties and friends, but the other stuff.  I miss making my own schedule.  I miss being able to turn the heat up in the dorm and never see the hell that is the energy bill.  I miss having tons of food at my beckon call freshly made for me.  I miss hiding from the world in the seclusion and warmth of the library at midnight amid the smell of old, well used books.  I miss there always being an open shower and toilet.  I miss walking to class with the brisk fall air whipping my face and seeping through my hoodie.  I miss wearing a hoodie and jeans and having a free gym membership.  Oh, and I miss when the only card I swiped was prepaid with money I didn't earn, well at least the only card I swiped on campus.


{Monday Music}

 {R's recipe for instant calm}
 Spoon: Goodnight Laura

Goodnight Laura, don't you know
Your bed awaits and now it's time for sleeping?

Goodnight Laura, close your eyes
You words are meant to stop at night
You know they're not for keeping

If you want to fall asleep be very still
And you close your eyes, and slow yourself
And let the worry leave you, and let go if it all just for this evening


You can fall asleep by being very still
As you let your breath slow down
And when you think your thoughts be sure that they are sweet ones
They are sweet ones

Don't you know, Laura, you're alright?
You're alright


{Wordless Wednesday}


{Undefined Crap}

I have no idea why the word undefined is now a part of every entry I previously posted.  Oh well, it adds character...right.

School was canceled today thanks to the additional foot of snow we are supposed to have by tonight.  I'm not really sure if I should be praising the snow gods or upset that I will now be in school into June.  Though are worries for June though, actual, if we are being honest, it's bitching material for June.  For today though I am listening to R lecture his octopus about the wonders of life, screwing up the previous beauty of my blog because I think I know html coding, and not leaving my sweats.


{Monday Music}

I miss being pregnant. Uhhuh, even though it is there in printed word, I am sure you need to hear it again to believe it. I miss being pregnant. I am a masochist.

In honor of my insanity:

Effing, sonofagun, you think you're so deep now. You give me the creeps now that your pregnant. I can't count all the ways how you speak in cliches now.


{That's What I Love About Sunday}

R is so much fun today!  He is playing with all kinds of toys, reading books, a laughing up a storm.  For a good 20 minutes he thought there was nothing in the world more funny than the words "old people".  This resulted in E screaming "old people" in various cartoon voices over and over. 


{Blizzards=Forced Family Bonding}

I mean really, what other kind is there.

R liked being in the snow only because it relieved him of the sauna that is his snowsuit. He tolerated it well at first, but never cracked a smile. By the end of the 5 minute trip, I am pretty sure he was cursing at us in jibberishese. So, instead, we all came inside, enjoyed the glorious smell of slow roasting chicken cacciatore, watched movies we had never gotten around to, and nursed bottles of our own preferences.


{3 Months}

This month, R:
*Laughs all the time
*Has a 500 Watt smile that melts his momma's heart and rarely leaves his face
*Is starting to tolerate tummy time
*Still has zero interest in rolling over but loves to rotate himself
*Does a great job holding his head up
*Really, really wants to sit up but just can't quite make it happen yet
*Sticks his tongue out constantly, unless his mouth is too busy being filled by his hands
*Love, love, loves his crinkle book and nomming on Sophie
*Only wakes up once a night, usually
*Successfully sleeps unswaddled in his crib
*Swats at the toys hanging over his playmat
*Uses his fingers to pinch, grabs momma's necklaces, and softly tugs hair
*Stares longingly at our food and can't wait to eat something other than formula
*Is demonstrating all of his momma's sass and daddy's sense of humor

R is available for any of your modeling needs. He is well versed in the arts of facial expression.


{Friday Favorites}

Once you have a baby, Amazon shopping grows akin to a crack addiction. Meet R, and his shopaholic momma's, newest loves.

Meet Sophie, R's gf.

Yes, I did in fact spend twenty dollars on a teething toy. Judge me if you must. However, you should know this little chew toy kept my three month old entertained for forty minutes solid. And, it's squeaky center, a la pedigree, assures that it will keep Jasper's attention long after Rowan grows tired of it. Read: Money well spent.

We also purchased what is possibly the cutest book in all of creation.
The pages actually break apart as the pig karate chops them.

The huge, bright pages keep R interested from start to finish and its study pages can handle almost anything.

Our last purchase of this week's order were some of the most motherlovin awesome pacifier clips from Booginhead.
They work with any paci!! R will only take Soothies, whose monstrous clips hide his gorgeous face and jab him in the eye when he slumps in his sleep. Explain to me who in their right effing mind designed a paci clip that wakes a sleeping babe. Clearly someone whose never taken a four hour car trip with an infant, or had an infant.


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