I know, the math seems off but trust me we've double checked our work six times. WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! Baby Peck's estimated due date is November 5th, 2009. E and I are so excited we can barely contain ourselves. We have told family and a few very close friends but we are waiting to tell most people until after my first appointment on the 25th. We know most people wait until after the first trimester but we are to excited to keep it a secret. Also, I figure I will only be pregnant 9 months and I'm not going to waste a third of this miracle being terrified and keeping secrets from those in our life. All of that aside, if something were to happen, God forbid, we would want the love, support, and prayers of those around us.

On to brighter thoughts, we can't wait to parents and are already making plans for the nursery, picking names, and and browsing baby clothes. I have been feeling queasy in the mornings but a glass of milk fixes it immediately (I never drank milk, maybe once a month now I'm craving 3 glasses a day) and then again, much worse, from around 7:30 pm until bed. Yesterday, my "morning sickness" begot actual vomit for the first time thanks to the smell of the deep fryer. It was terribly sad, amongst disgusting, because E had just fixed me homemade fried dill pickles. He learned a wonderful recipe that we will apparently not be able to use again for 9 months. Other than that I've just been incredibly exhausted from the moment I wake up until when I pass out in the evening. I am useless by 5 pm but I've read that passes. E has been wonderful. He has taken great care of me and only reassured my faith that he will be a wonderful father.

This week, baby is the size of an appleseed and is forming major organs (heart, kidney, liver, stomach) and systems (nervous, circulatory, digestive). All that growing explains why I am ravenously hungry, grow baby grow!! I know the next few months will fly by but I honestly wish it was November already so that we could see our beautiful little baby!!

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