Houston, we have a heartbeat...

We had our twelve week appointment today and heard the babe's glorious heartbeat. The doctor wasn't totally sure we would hear it since we were only using the doppler but she tried anyway and there it was loud and clear. The doctor was so excited at how strong and clear it was and how easily she was able to find it so early. Baby P's heart was beating at 162 bpm and E pointed out that it sounded exactly like Jasper when he is panting after a good run! E's face lit up like a little boy in a toy store. He was so happy that it was almost as moving as hearing our little turkey' s heart thumping away. I can't even describe to you how comforting a sound it was, it put all my worries to rest. Now, I can't contain myself. I am so excited to tell everyone now that our risk of miscarriage is so much lower. I just feel positive and overjoyed now. We will have our first ultrasound on Wednesday at 3:30!! That will give us a more exact due date, if there's any change at all. It will also tell us just how many little babes we are expecting. E insists there are two and has his fingers crossed for three. We will be happy no matter what, but are just so thankful to finally know for sure that there is at least one healthy, happy, perfect child growing inside of me.


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