{3 Months}

This month, R:
*Laughs all the time
*Has a 500 Watt smile that melts his momma's heart and rarely leaves his face
*Is starting to tolerate tummy time
*Still has zero interest in rolling over but loves to rotate himself
*Does a great job holding his head up
*Really, really wants to sit up but just can't quite make it happen yet
*Sticks his tongue out constantly, unless his mouth is too busy being filled by his hands
*Love, love, loves his crinkle book and nomming on Sophie
*Only wakes up once a night, usually
*Successfully sleeps unswaddled in his crib
*Swats at the toys hanging over his playmat
*Uses his fingers to pinch, grabs momma's necklaces, and softly tugs hair
*Stares longingly at our food and can't wait to eat something other than formula
*Is demonstrating all of his momma's sass and daddy's sense of humor

R is available for any of your modeling needs. He is well versed in the arts of facial expression.


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