{Friday Favorites}

Once you have a baby, Amazon shopping grows akin to a crack addiction. Meet R, and his shopaholic momma's, newest loves.

Meet Sophie, R's gf.

Yes, I did in fact spend twenty dollars on a teething toy. Judge me if you must. However, you should know this little chew toy kept my three month old entertained for forty minutes solid. And, it's squeaky center, a la pedigree, assures that it will keep Jasper's attention long after Rowan grows tired of it. Read: Money well spent.

We also purchased what is possibly the cutest book in all of creation.
The pages actually break apart as the pig karate chops them.

The huge, bright pages keep R interested from start to finish and its study pages can handle almost anything.

Our last purchase of this week's order were some of the most motherlovin awesome pacifier clips from Booginhead.
They work with any paci!! R will only take Soothies, whose monstrous clips hide his gorgeous face and jab him in the eye when he slumps in his sleep. Explain to me who in their right effing mind designed a paci clip that wakes a sleeping babe. Clearly someone whose never taken a four hour car trip with an infant, or had an infant.


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