Your dreams were your ticket out, Welcome back...

E and I started this blog nearly a year ago as a place to share our lives. Little did we know that before we would even become accustomed to updating it regularly (see the pathetic attempt at frequent blogging below) our lives were going to change faster than we could type. Of course, I am talking about the sweet little boy who is attempting to help me type as I speak. So, the goal of blogging was replaced with nursery paint, home improvements and all things nesting. Now that R is here our lives are so much fuller, so different, yet so improved. We now hope that this blog can serve as a place to document the little moments and big milestones we have already found to be so fleeting.

Speaking of the little moments, I also plan to spend this year striving to be a better photographer so I will be participating in "Project 365". Each day, all year, I will take at least one photo and will be posting them here throughout the week to document our lives.



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