No, not me.  I have never had a problem sleeping.  I have been known to sleep until three in the afternoon only to wake up for dinner and head back to bed.  Don't judge.  Try it.  It is a bit of heaven wrapped up in total guilty pleasure.  Those days are long gone now though.  Apparently, they are now joined in the abyss of lost socks by my darling son's ability to sleep for more than an hour.  Read: I no longer sleep due to banshee screams.  I thought the newborn stage was supposed to be the worst.  Which brings me to the most important part of this post, I know I look tired.  Don't tell me.  If you must just say what you really mean because I'm way to tired to smile and nod at your "Damn, you look like shit!" coded fake interest.

In other OMG worthy news...my babe turns 6 months old tomorrow.  What the eff?  How did that happen.  More to come on my feelings on this tomorrow.  However, how sad is it that one of my first thoughts about his half b-day is "really, it's been six months and my abs still look like this". 


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