{Thankful on Thursday} Slightly late and bandwagon jumping, but that's me

Hi strangers!  Remember me.  It's been a while I know and I'm not even going to lie this time and say that I'll never leave again because chances are...I will.  I adore writing. Period, with the word period to emphasize the period.  However, lately, like the past six months life has really taken over.   And, I hate that because writing is my me time, it's my decompression chamber, and when life is so screwy and I need it most, life rips the time away. 

Moral of the story: I'm here today and I really long to be here tomorrow.  Life, on occasion, needs to get the eff off my back.

Point of the story:  I'm going to jump on the "Thankful on Thursday" bandwagon because when life sucks what is more neccessary than reminding ourselves of all life's beauty.  Nothing. That's what. So here, in no particular order ,are the things I am especially, over the moon, thankful for this week.

*White Chocolate Carmel Cappucino on a crisp Fall morning.  Even better, that it's delectable and from the gas station for a buck fifty.  Take that overpriced coffee shops (who I love).

*Toothy grins that make me forget the worries of the world.

* A dayhome for the boy where I never, ever have to think twice about taking him.


*Endless shimp @ Red Lobster, yes, I'm admittedly disgusting during this particular promo.

*A job that I L.O.V.E. and being lucky enough to have it in a time like this.

*These kids I GET to work with, they are the best. I hot neon pink puffy heart them.  These so called "inner city, hormonal, juvenile deliquent, special, hoodrat, blah, blah, freaking blah" kids.  They complete me.  In a way I'm absolutely positive no one else ever will.  They are good, loving, spectacular people.

*Fall. Freaking, OMG, I love fall.  I saw leaves that had officially changed colors and fallen yesterday and I almost wrecked my car staring at their beauty, even if it was only like two.

*Still having the strength to believe.

*Cuddling on the couch in sweats with just me, a warm blanket, and full control of the remote.

*Amazing bloggers, and tweeters, who inspire me daily, who make me cry and laugh until I cry, who feel like friends I always knew I'd meet. 


KLZ September 17, 2010 at 11:15 AM  

Glad to see you around. And honestly fall and gas station coffee are two of the best things in the entire world. Just unbeatable.

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